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Tragic life of gays (homos) 02

Gay psyche with giant depression problems - high rate of child abuse, murder and suicide

When gays over 30 suffer of an anus which does not close any more, schizophrenia comes because they thought being gay would be a "freedom", but it's hell with pads and diapers every day, and then they don't care about anything. Depression provokes drug abuse, child abuse, murder, and suicides.
Mobbing and despair  Heroin syringe set for an overdose to commit suicide  boy as abuse victim, 35% of child abusers on boys are gays  Murderers, shot with revolver
Mobbing and despair [3] - Heroin syringe set for an overdose to commit suicide [5] - boy as abuse victim, 35% of child abusers on boys are gays [7] Murderers, shot with revolver [12]

presented by Michael Palomino (since 2018)



Gays have a giant depression problem

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2001: Mobbing and violence against lesbian and gay youths
Lesbian and gay youths are victims of mobbing and violence in families, schools and the public
(original German: Lesbische und schwule Jugendliche sind Opfer von Mobbing und Gewalt in Familie, Schule und der Öffentlichkeit)

Graphics: Mobbing against gay and lesbian youths and suicidal thoughts and attempted suicides  Mobbing and despair
Graphics: Mobbing against gay and lesbian youths and suicidal thoughts and attempted suicides [1] - Mobbing and despair [3]

<More than half have experienced defamation and mobbing from their peers. About four out of ten friends have retired. The same number have been insulted in public, almost a third in school. Youths often experience that lesbians and gays become targets for jokes and contempt and teachers are not reacting appropriately.

For example, only about 18% of the teachers defend lesbians and gays in class, but over 27% laugh or agree with homophobic statements.

Physical violence due to sexual identity has already been experienced by 7% of lesbian and gay adolescents in school and 5.7% in public. Physical violence at home affects 1.5% of young people due to their homosexuality.

The numbers are illustrating: Homophobic violence is omnipresent and takes place predominantly on the verbal, psychological level. In the majority of cases, young people experience the described violence not once but several times.>

"Gay youths: Results on life situation, social and sexual identity", study by the Ministry of Women, Labour and Social Affairs of Lower Saxony, 2001
(original German: „Schwule Jugendliche: Ergebnisse zur Lebenssituation, sozialen und sexuellen Identität“, Studie des Niedersächsischen Ministeriums für Frauen, Arbeit und Soziales, 2001)


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2003: Suicide rate among lesbian and gay youth is 4 to 7 times higher than among heteros - due to discrimination and "family disgrace
Lesbian and gay adolescents have a suicide rate four to seven times higher
(original German: Lesbische und schwule Jugendliche haben eine vier- bis siebenmal höhere Suizidrate)

<The risk of suicide among lesbians and gays between the ages of 12 and 25 is four to seven times higher than among youths in general. The younger the youths are when they present their coming out, the higher is the risk of suicide.

According to the study of the Berlin Senate "She loves her. He loves him" (original German: "Sie liebt sie. Er liebt ihn") six out of ten questioned persons have already considered putting an end to their lives, the girls a little more often than the boys. 18% have already attempted suicide. Experience shows that the risk of suicide will increase the more suicide attempts have been performed before.

Particularly at risk are the youths who

  • are undesirable and unwanted in the family, emotionally neglected,
  • are rejected or overcharged  [by work or tasks],
  • are living in a constantly tense family atmosphere,
  • make the experience of violence (physical and/or psychological),
  • suffer heavy losses, separations and ruptures,
  • have a problematic coming out.

Especially young men suffer from the fear or the realization of being gay. After an attempt to commit suicide, many homosexual youths told that they wanted to free their parents from the shame of having a homosexual child.

It is not homosexuality itself that leads to suicide, but one's own (justified) fears, experiences with the reactions of the environment (parents, peers, school) and social evaluation.

The less acceptance and social inclusion, the greater are the self-doubts and the deeper will be possibly the crisis (...). All in all the long lasting charges of life provoke a heavy life feeling provoking the danger of suicide.

Youths being in a suicide danger are not speaking about their homosexuality normally when they are in counseling centers speaking with counselors, etc., or only much later, or only on request, because they are not sure about the mentality of the counselor with this topic. Youths are mostly completely on their own with this.

"about life of young lesbians and gays - homosexuality and suicide risk", Department, Dipl.-Psychologist Sigrid Meurer (Counseling Center Neuhland, Model establishment for suicidal children and adolescents)
In: "Strength is wanted - parents and their homosexual children, book of the event of the Federal Parents' Meeting, BEFAH e.V.", Berlin 2003, info@befah.de>

(original German: „Zur Lebenssituation junger Lesben und Schwuler - Homosexualität und Suizidalität“, Referat, Dipl.-Psychologin Sigrid Meurer (Beratungsstelle Neuhland, Modelleinrichtung für suizidgefährdete Kinder und Jugendliche)
in „Stärke gefragt - Eltern und ihre homosexuellen Kinder, Tagungsband Bundeselterntreffen, BEFAH e.V.“, Berlin 2003, info@befah.de>)


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"USA" 14.10.2018: Gays suffer from loneliness - drugs, depression, suicides
Epidemic of loneliness: Why drugs, depression and suicides are more common among gays than ever before
(original German: Epidemie der Einsamkeit: Warum Drogen, Depressionen und Selbstmorde unter Schwulen so verbreitend sind, wie noch nie)

Heroin syringe set for an overdose to commit suicide Heroin syringe set for an overdose to commit suicide [5]

The young gays don't know what to do with their lives? Strange that there are no clubs or associations to prevent drugs, depression and suicides.

The article:

<Homosexuals kill themselves more than heterosexuals. And they often suffer from psychological problems. Michael Hobbes about the drama of the gay man

"I was always so testy when the meth ran out," says my friend Jeremy.

"When you have it, you must take it further. If you don't have one left, it's like,'Okay, I can go back to my life now. I haven't slept all weekend and I went to those sex parties and felt like shit until Wednesday. "About two years ago I switched to cocaine because I could work the next day."

Jeremy was in the hospital when he told me. He doesn't say exactly how the overdose happened, only that a stranger called the ambulance and he woke up here.

"When you have it, you must take it further. If you don't have one left, it's like,'Okay, I can go back to my life now. I haven't slept all weekend and I went to those sex parties and felt like shit until Wednesday. About two years ago I switched to cocaine because I could work the next day."

Jeremy is in the hospital when he told me this. He doesn't say exactly how the overdose happened, only that a stranger called the ambulance and he woke up here.

"The drugs were a combination of boredom and loneliness." - [gays show the perfect facade concealing their suffering until breakdown comes]

I never thought I'd have a conversation like this with my friend Jeremy. Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea he used harder drugs than martinis.

He is sporty, intelligent, he is eating gluten-free and wears a clean shirt every day of the week. When I met him three years ago, he wanted to know where to crossfit.

"The drugs were a combination of boredom and loneliness," he says. "Friday night I came home from work, totally knocked out, and asked myself, 'What now?' So I called around to get meth delivered and check out parties on the internet. It's either that or watch a movie alone."

Jeremy is not the only gay friend of mine who's in trouble. Malcolm hardly leaves the house because he suffers from severe anxiety. Because of Jared's depression, his social contacts are now limited to me, the gym and the Internet. And there was Chris, the second man I ever kissed who killed himself at 32, two weeks after his friend left him.

For years I have seen how the life of my heterosexual and gay friends was drifting apart. One half of my social network has developed families shifting to suburb zones, the other half is struggling through isolation and anxiety, hard drugs and risky sex.

Depression, loneliness and drugs are just as common in the gay community as they were decades ago - [recognition of gay marriage does NOT bring more happiness! The depression remains - because of the anus that no longer closes]

[The article conceals that the main cause of depression with gays is the anus, which is no longer closing].

None of this matches what I had in mind with the life of a gay man. Neither was I bullied by my peers or rejected by his family. He can't even remember ever being called a faggot.

His lesbian mother raised him in a suburb on the west coast [of the "USA"]: "She came out to me when I was twelve," he says. "And in the next sentence, she said that I was gay. This was hardly clear to me in this age yet."

Jeremy and I are 34. In our lives, gays have gained more social and legal acceptance than ever before. In my own teenage years, the gay marriage was a big  dream far from reality, and it was put in quotation marks by the newspapers. Today it has the supreme court's approval.

[Recognition of gay marriage does not change the mental state of gays]

Social approval of gay marriage [in the "USA"] has risen from 27 percent in 1996 to 61 percent in 2016. In pop culture, gay figures are so commonplace that they can even have mistakes.

Nevertheless - while gays celebrate the scale and speed of this change, depression, loneliness and drugs are as common in the gay community as they were decades ago. Depending on the study, the suicide rate among gays is two to ten times higher than among heterosexuals. Depressive phases are twice as frequent with gays.

[Supplement: The anus which does not close any more from 30 on, is not mentioned].

According to a recent study among gay men living in New York, three-quarters of them suffered from anxiety attacks or depression, took drugs or alcohol or had unprotected sex. Even though we constantly talk about "families of choice", gay men do not have as many close friends as heterosexuals or lesbian women.

[Supplement: Apparently the depression is NOT caused by laws, but by the anus, which no longer closes when gays have too much anal sex. The more anal sex the gays have, the worse the anus gets, which doesn't close after 30. The gays become pad and bandage users after 30, and diaper users after 40. "Freedom" has gone and THIS provokes the eternal depression].

In the Netherlands, homosexuals suffer three times as often from affective disorders as heterosexuals do - [although Holland is extremely gay-friendly].

I don't want to pretend to be objective. I am a gay man, temporarily living alone, brought up in a normal small town by parents who were organized in an association of homosexual members.

Nobody in my acquaintance died of AIDS. I have never been directly discriminated and have come out in a world where marriage, hunting fences and a golden retriever were not only achievable goals for a homosexual man, but were even expected of him.

"For some gays, gay marriage and changes in the law were an improvement," says Christopher Stults. At New York University, he examines the differences in the mental health of gays and heterosexuals. "But many others were disappointed. Now we have achieved this legal status, and yet not all expectations have been fulfilled."

[NL: Despite gay marriage since 2001, the feeling of emptiness remains: 3x as many affective disorders as normal, 10x as many suicide intentions and suicide attempts as normal]

Not only Americans know this feeling of emptiness. In the Netherlands, gay marriage has existed since 2001, and yet homosexuals suffer three times as often from affective disorders as heterosexuals, and "suicidal self-injuries" occur ten times more.

[Sweden: Gay marriage since 2009 - but 3 times as high suicide rate among gays as among heteros]

Sweden has registered partnerships since 1995 and equal marriage since 2009, but men who are married with men have a suicide rate three times higher than men who are married to women.

All these hard to bear statistics lead to the same conclusion: When a man is affected of another man the risk is a high alienation, also today yet. The good news: epidemiologists and social scientists now understand the reasons better than ever.

[Supplement: epidemiologists and social scientists are blind for the decisive point: apparently the depression is NOT caused by laws, but by the anus, which no longer closes when you have too much anal sex and put big objects in it. The more anal sex with big objects the gays have, the worse the anus gets, which doesn't close after 30. The gays become bandage users after 30 and diaper users after 40].

Travis Salway, a researcher at the Centre for Disease Control in Vancouver, has been investigating for 5 years why gay men still commit suicide.

"Gay men used to be lonely because they couldn't come out," he says. "But today millions of gays have come out and they still feel the same isolation."

[Because the main problem, the anus, which no longer closes, is not solved. The outing is still not complete!].

Gay men were expelled from their families, their love life were forbidden.

We meet for lunch at a tiny noodle bar. It's November and he's wearing jeans, overshoes and a wedding ring. "Gay marriage?" I ask.

"Even monogamous," he says.

Salway grew up in Celina, Ohio, a run-down industrial city of about 10,000 inhabitants, where 21-year-olds were competing for marriage with college. He was called a faggot even before he knew it.

"I was feminine and I sang in the choir," he says. "That was enough." Most of his high school years he had a girlfriend and avoided relationships with boys until he could walk away.

Towards the end of the noughties he was a social worker and epidemiologist, and the increasing distance between heterosexual and gay friends irritated him as much as me. Was there perhaps more to find out about gay men and their mental health than was assumed until that time?

This different development of heteros and gays was manifest first in the 1950s and 1960s. Medical doctors meant that this would be a symptom of homosexuality in general, that this would be just one of the many forms of life which was called "sexual inversion". When gay movement became strong homosexuality was eliminated from the lists of psychological defects, and the problem was explained with a trauma. Gay men were expelled from their families, their love life was forbidden. Of course their depressions and suicide rates reached worrying levels.

Salway: "I also think that gay suicide was a product of former times or above all was happening during youth when they did not see any other way out."

[Gay suicides have the same rate everywhere - whether in homophobic or gay-friendly areas!]

Then he took the data. The problem was not only suicide, and it did not only occur among teenagers, not only in areas of rampant homophobia.

He found that that gays everywhere and at any age suffer more frequently from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, sex addiction, erectile dysfunction, allergies, asthma and many other diseases. In Canada, more gays are dying of suicide than of AIDS for years.


Gays suffer from many diseases - not important if they live in homophobic or gay-friendly areas
-- Cardiovascular diseases [due to a poor diet - can be healed with soda (90% rate)]
-- Cancer [occurs only at low pH levels - due to a poor nutrition - can be healed with soda (90% rate), see special note]
-- Sex addiction [when sex life affects working life].
-- Erectile dysfunction [due to a poor diet - not eat fried meals, all has to be whole grain - with bloodgroup nutrition]
-- allergies [is mostly a vaccine damage, is also due to low pH level in the body, due to a poor nutrition, heals with soda]
-- asthma [is mostly a vaccine damage, is also due to low pH level in the body, due to a poor nutrition, heals with soda]
-- [not mentioned: The anus is mostly broken after 30 and no longer closes, the gay man becomes a chronic pad and bandage user and chronic diaper user, discrimination and depression continue to increase - healing is perhaps possible with coconut oil and hydrogen peroxide changing weekly].
-- Suicides.

The stress of being constantly prepared to be discriminated

[Gays become nervously ill with or without discrimination]

"There are gay men who have never been sexually or physically attacked and suffer from similar post-traumatic stress disorders as people who have experienced combat situations or rape," says Alex Keuroghlian, psychiatrist at the Fenway Institute's Center for Population Research in LGBT Health.

Gay men are "calibrated to expect discrimination," Keuroghlian believes. We keep scanning our surroundings to see if we might fall out. We fight for self-assertion. We play our social failures in an endless loop.

But what is most surprising about these symptoms is the fact that we generally do not even perceive them as symptoms. Since dealing with this data, Salway interviews gay men who have survived a suicide attempt.

[Gays seem less able to solve problems because they're much more stressed, because they're in a minority - and that's why they think more of suicide]

"When you ask them why they wanted to finish with their own lives, most don't even mention their homosexuality." Instead, they tell about relationship problems, professional problems, financial problems. "They do not perceive their sexuality as a decisive factor in their lives. Even if their suicide rate is ten times higher."

This phenomenon is described in science with the "minority stress model". In its most direct form, it is quite simple: belonging to a marginal group involves additional efforts.

As the only woman in a business meeting or as the only black person in a students home, you have to think much more than the majority. If one defends oneself against the boss or does not do it, does one then correspond to the clichés about women in the workplace?

If you fail a test, people will thing that race is the reason for that? Even if there is no discrimination, these constant thoughts leave their marks in the long run.

The whole rejection happens only in the head - [Stress disorders because one belongs to a minority]

John Pachankis is doing research at Yale on stress. In his opinion, the disorder arises in the five or so years between the discovery of one's own sexuality and the time when we talk about it with others.

In this time even relatively insignificant stress situations have a disproportionate impact - not because they would be traumatic, but because we are prepared for them to happen. "You don't even have to be called gay to adapt your behavior so that that doesn't happen to you," says Salway.

It was the same in my teenage years: always on guard, just saying nothing wrong, always under stress, always overcompensating. There was an event in an adventure pool: waiting at the water slide with a school friend, he caught me staring at him.

"Dude, why are you staring at me that way?" I could just distract him, with something like "Sorry, you're not my type", but in the weeks after that I was tormented by the thought of what he probably thought of me. But he himself never mentioned this event any more. All that rejection was going on only in my head.

Growing up as a gay is just as stressful as growing up in extreme poverty - [and the post-traumatic stress disorder NEVER ends!]

"The real trauma for gays is the long time [they suffer]," says William Elder, trauma researcher and psychologist. "A single trauma is a post-traumatic stress disorder that can be cured in half a year of therapy.

But when one experiences small stressful situations over and over again for years and then asks oneself every time: "Was that because of my sexuality? this can even reinforce the effect." According to Elder, anyone who hides his homosexuality is in the position of a person who is repeatedly and slightly beaten on the arm.

The affected person is annoyed at first. After a while gets angry. And after all, his brain is fixed to this topic and cannot concentrate for other topics.

And then stress is forming in the body because the occupation with this topic is going on every day.

Apparently, growing up as a gay is as stressful as growing up in extreme poverty.

[Hormone question]

According to a 2015 study, gays produce less of the stress-regulating hormone cortisol. Their organism has been so active in its adolescence that they become lazy as adults, says Katie McLaughlin, one of the authors of the study.

[Gays and their permanent stress - just ONE idiot is enough for life long higher stress]

In 2014, the cardiovascular risk factors of hetero- and homosexual adolescents were compared. It turned out that the gay youths were no longer exposed to stress situations - thus: that heterosexual adolescents also had problems - but stress situations of gays harm more damage to their nervous system.

Even Salway, who is thoroughly involved with the stress of minorities, sometimes feels uncomfortable strolling around Vancouver with his partner. He's never been attacked before, but some idiots have offended him in public one time. This only has to happen a few times, and the brain is changing even waiting for such an event so the heart beat is faster when a car is approaching.

There's a rough tone among men, that's no different with gays

There's a rough tone among men, and that's no different with gays. On the contrary.

[Nerve damage among gays: 1) By eternal hiding - 2) Then by mobbing]

However, the many health problems of gay men cannot be explained by minority stress alone. In fact, the first damage occurs while they are hiding, but the second, and perhaps more serious, only comes after that - after the coming out by the mobbing].

Discrimination is also working in gay community - [Discrimination and sayings Gay versus Gay]

For decades, psychologists have assumed that the crucial phases in the formation of gay identity lead to coming-out and that when we finally feel good in our skin, they could build their lives together with people who had the same experiences.

However, research over the last ten years shows that the struggle for adaptation is becoming even fiercer. According to a 2015 study, men who had just come out suffer more from anxiety and depression than those who are still hiding their homosexuality. Because discrimination is also lurking in the gay community.

Every gay I know carries a package with all the nastiness that other gays have told or done to him. When I went on a date, the guy got up as soon as he saw me accusing me of being smaller than on my photos, and left. Alex, fitness trainer in Seattle, heard from a member of his swimming team:

"I'm willing to accept your face if you fuck me without a condom." Martin, a British in Portland, has gained about five kilos since living there, and - at Christmas - he got this message from Grindr: "You were always so sexy. Too bad you messed it up."

In other minorities, community support reduces anxiety and depression. The closeness to people being instinctively understood is a big help. But with gays it's the contrary.

 [Apparently they're afraid that their anus problems will be detected].

[Frustrated gays among themselves]

Several studies have shown that in gay neighborhoods the tendency to unprotected sex and meth [psychotropic drugs] is increasing, while commitment to volunteer work or sports declines. A 2009 survey revealed that gays who are closely associated with their gay community are less satisfied with their own love life.

Gay men treat each other badly because they are men - [the stress of being discriminated in a gay group is incredibly high].

"Gays and bisexual men describe the gay community as a major stress factor," says John Pachankis, who conducts research at Yale on gender-related diseases. The main reason is that discrimination within the group harms the psyche more than rejection by the hetero majority.

If you are rejected by heteros, gays can easily forget it, they can roll eyes or show them a middle finger - because they don't need their recognition. But the rejection by other gays hurts more because gay need these people more.

[Gay men who don't like each other treat each other badly]

The researchers I spoke are assuming that gays often get hurt for two reasons. The main reason, which is also most often mentioned, is that gay men treat each other badly because gays are men.

"In a community of men, masculinity is particularly challenged," says Pachankis. "Manhood is a fleeting good. It must be constantly staged or defended or demanded. When masculinity is wanted, one can see how stupid men react to it. "They take aggressive poses, take financial risks, want to smash things."

There are feminine gays with more suicides, loneliness and mental illnesses

[The Psychos: Feminine gays commit more suicides, male gays present more a macho, using drugs and tobacco]

In this way, the stigmatization of feminine men everywhere in the gay community can also be better understood. Dane Whicker, a clinical psychologist and researcher at Duke University, has found out that most gay men are interested in masculine men and want to represent a masculine gay if possible.

This could be due to the fact that masculine men historically had fewer problems in heterosexual society. Or maybe we're dealing with internalized homophobia: Feminine gays are still seen stereotypically as a bottom, a receptive partner in anal intercourse.

[Supplement: Among feminine gays man, the anus breaks more quickly, so suicide happens more when they have to wear pads and diapers like babies].

With feminine gays there is a high rate of suicide, loneliness and mental illnesses. Masculine gays, on the other hand, suffer more from anxiety, tend to have unprotected sex and more often abuse drugs and tobacco.

[The Internet makes gay bars superfluous - but Internet is causing MORE STRESS and MORE COMPLEXES]: While the gay bars are disappearing, more and more people are meeting Grindr

Grindr Internet contact portal with focus on gays
Grindr Internet contact portal with focus on gays [6]

The second reason why the gay community stresses its members so much is not because of our mutual rejection, but because of how. In the last ten years the traditional gay meeting places - bars, nightclubs, saunas - have gradually disappeared and have been replaced by the social media.

At least 70 percent of homosexual men today use dating apps like Grindr or Scruff. In 2000, about 20 percent of gay couples got to know each other online. In 2010 it was up to 70 percent. The number of gay couples who have made friends during meetings with other friends has fallen from 30 to 12 percent.

[Horror stories on grindr against gays - provoking even more stress]

Grindr is used by it's users 90 minutes daily - this is the average. And about Grindr also horror stories are spread in the media: about murder or homophobes who are finding their victims here.

Or it's about the disturbing "chem sex parties" [drug and sex parties] that are spreading in Berlin, London and New York. And yes, these are problems. But the actual effect of the apps is quieter, more inconspicuous, and in some ways it goes deeper: Many of us communicate mainly in this way with other gays.

These apps emphatically give us the feeling of being ugly - [the desired criteria on the list are hardly fulfilled - people is simply clicked away, which causes inferiority complexes].

The worst thing about apps, however, and the reason why they affect the health of gay and heterosexual men so differently is not only because gays use them so intensively. But these apps are just perfect in provoking more negative self-perception.

In 2015, trauma researcher Elder conducted interviews with gays and found out that 90 percent of his questioned persons wanted a partner who was tall, young, white, muscular and masculine. Most of us hardly meet any of these criteria, and not at all it's possible to have all five fulfilled, and so these apps emphatically give us the feeling of being ugly.

[The gay sauna was more social than the Internet, where you just get clicked away]

Of course, all this is not new. The psychologist Walt Odets, who has studied about social isolation since the 1980s, explains that gay men suffered just as much at the saunas as they do today from Grindr. But there is a big difference with his younger patients:

"If someone rejected another one in the sauna, they could still talk about it after the sauna. Maybe a friendship or at least a positive social experience came out. [But with the Internet gay life becomes much harder now]: "In the apps people just click other people away when a person is not considered as sexually attractive or romantic."

The apps may just reinforce or accelerate the adult version of the hypothesis that Pachankis calls "the best little boy in the world". When we hide our sexuality as young people, we concentrate our self-esteem on what the outside world wants of us: being good in sports, at school etc.

As adults, the social norms of our own community urge us to focus even more on our self-esteem: on our appearance, our masculinity, our sexual performance.

But even if we are competitive here, even if we reach our ideal of the masculine dominant top - even then we have in reality conditioned ourselves to be devastated when we no longer meet it, which will inevitably be the case.

Translated from English by Elisabeth Thielicke.>


The eternal depression among gays provokes child abuse of boys and murders

Child rape and homosexuals: 35% of child rapists with boys are gays - and the rape frequency is 7.5:1 compared with pedophile heteros who rape girls

book by Thomas Schmidt: Straight Narrow?: Compassion & Clarity in the Homosexuality Debate (1995) - ISBN 0-8308-1858-8  boy as an child abuse victim, 35% of child abuser with boys are gays
book by Thomas Schmidt: Straight Narrow?: Compassion & Clarity in the Homosexuality Debate (1995) - ISBN 0-8308-1858-8 [2] - boy as an child abuse victim, 35% of child abuser with boys are gays [7]

Among homosexuals, drug abuse, depression and suicide are undisputed problems on an epidemic scale, but they are not the only problems:

  • CHILD abuse: see Studies No. 85 -90.

A big problem is the high number of homosexual men who prefer sex with boys (child abuse / paedophilia). Some studies prove that 35% of child abusers are homosexual, while in general only 1 - 2% of men are homosexual! [web01]


1-2% of men are gay - committing 35% of child abuse crimes.
98-99% of men are hetero - and commit 65% of child abuse crimes.

Homo pedophiles commit child abuse crimes 7 times more often than hetero pedophiles.

One can only guess why: The gays like the anus of boys that much so they let themselves go for committing any crime against boys. (Conclusion Palomino)

  • Homosexual child abusers have a much higher rate abusing children (7 times more often!) than heterosexual pedophiles: the ratio is 150:20! (Psychological Reports 1985/57 page 1,227 -1,236).

This very detailed study about sexual abnormalities among men showed that in 22 years 153 pederasts (gay boy abusers) had sexually abused 22,981 boys (thus on the average every gay rapist abused 150 boys), while in comparison in 18 years 224 hetero pedophiles (abusing girls) had sexually abused 4,435 girls (thus an average of 20 girls each). [web01]

[The difference of 4 years between 18 and 22 years was neglected for this general statistics].

Therefore, gays are 7.5 times more dangerous for children than heteros [web01].

Study in the "USA" 1973-1992: Gays rape children 56 times more than heterosexuals

[Tesis: Gays take revenge on small children because the children still have an intact anus that the gays no longer have].

book by Thomas Schmidt: Straight Narrow?: Compassion & Clarity in the Homosexuality Debate (1995) - ISBN 0-8308-1858-8 from the book by Thomas Schmidt: Straight Narrow?: Compassion & Clarity in the Homosexuality Debate (1995) - ISBN 0-8308-1858-8

Close connection between sexual abuse of children and gays!

A long-term study by the State Central Office of the "USA" from 1973-1992 found that 49.4% of all cases of child abuse (a total of over 29 million cases) in these 20 years were committed by only 1-1.7% of the homosexual population. This means that, according to this study, every single homosexual sexually was abusing an average of 56 times more children than every single heterosexual adult. [web01]

Two-thirds of child abusers use violence! [web01]

Another study found out that 58% of all child abusers use violence and 42% of children were physically injured as victims of sexual abuse; (see Study 6, Psychiatric Quarterly, Feb. 1985, pp. 89-102). [web01]

Gays and murder statistics: 41% of all murders in the "USA" are committed by gays - 34 times more often a gay is a mass murderer than a hetero

Murderer, shoot with revolver
Murderer, shoot with revolver [12]

In Muslim zones, in Asia and in Latin "America" the normal killing way is stabbing with a knife.

[Thesis: Gays take revenge on heterosexuals, apparently because they can no longer cope with the destroyed anus and the resulting self-selected discrimination. Gays with their broken anus have nothing to lose anymore, so high criminality is no problem for them].

book by Thomas Schmidt: Straight Narrow?: Compassion & Clarity in the Homosexuality Debate (1995) - ISBN 0-8308-1858-8   from the book by Thomas Schmidt: Straight Narrow?: Compassion & Clarity in the Homosexuality Debate (1995) - ISBN 0-8308-1858-8

Homosexuals and violence: Although homosexuals account for a maximum of 1-2% of the population, they are the culprits of 41% of all murders in the USA in the last 17 years. 8 of the 10 most serious mass murders with more than 3 deaths (at once) were committed by homosexuals. They are thus 34 times more frequently involved as mass murderers, and, according to Lit.Study No.8 in chapter 12, the probability is 196 times higher that a serial murder (with 1 murder at a time, but several deaths in succession) is committed by people from the gay side. [web01]
Lit: Institute for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality, 1987 "Murder, Violence and Homosexuality". See also the graph "Average age at death" and the table "Most frequent causes of death".

Graphic: Average age at death - comparison hetero-homo
-- Married hetero men: 75
-- Unmarried hetero men, divorced hetero men: 57
-- Gay homos without AIDS: 42
-- Gay homos with AIDS: 39 [web01].

The age at death of heteros, homos and lesbians, statistics in a graph
The age at death of heteros, homos and lesbians, statistics in a graph [8]

Statistics: Causes of death among homosexual gay men compared to heterosexual men
Comparing 5371 mortal accidents of gays with accidents of white men between 25 to 44, the homosexual men had the following data - omitting AIDS as a reason of death:
-- gays died 10 times more often in accidents
-- gays died 18 times more frequent in traffic
-- gays died 25 times more often by suicide (especially with sleeping pills [web16])
-- gays died 87 times more often by murder[especially by right-wing activists]
-- gays died 22 times more often due to heart attack (AIDS, some AIDS drugs and hepatitis drugs cause deposits in coronary arteries[web17])
(Study by the Family Research Institute, Inc. Washington DC 1992, USA). [web01]

Fatal traffic accident  Sleeping pills  Heart attack
Fatal traffic accident [9] - Sleeping pills [10] - Heart attack [11]

When gays over 30 suffer of an anus which does not close any more, schizophrenia comes because they thought being gay would be a "freedom", but it's hell with pads and diapers every day, and then they don't care about anything. Depression provokes drug abuse, child abuse, murder, and suicides.

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book: Thomas Schmidt: Straight Narrow?: Compassion & Clarity in the Homosexuality Debate (1995) - ISBN 0-8308-1858-8
from this book: Thomas Schmidt: Straight Narrow?: Compassion & Clarity in the Homosexuality Debate (1995) - ISBN 0-8308-1858-8
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with over 200 quotations and sources from various medical, psychological and psychiatric journals and studies, 240 pages, InterVarsityPress

Chapter 6, "The Pice of t: Love" page 100-130; The health aspect of homosexual practices

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