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HELL IS HERE - and all are watching

40 a. Atomic power is a trap. Text of the speech of 30 May 2011 (15 min.)

Video: Atomic power is a trap for mankind: http://www.youtube.com/embed/qyJwUOkMFgY



Lecture: Atomic power is a trap, 30 May 2011 (15 min.)

Adoption 2015.

Michael Palomino, *1964 in Zürich, in Switzerland politically persecuted by criminal Swiss justice, since 3 years in Peru

web site: www.geschichteinchronologie.ch (since 2014 www.hist-chron.com),

the leading web site for logic analytic historiography.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

the subject of the lecture of today is destructive atomic power.

Well, why atomic power came to us?

During Second World War there was a race who would have the atomic bomb first bombing Nazi Germany with it.

But the collapse of the Nazi regime came too fast, and therefore "USA" under president Truman

bombed Japan with two atomic bombs - against the will of the scientists.

After Second World War the bosses of industry formed a new "atomic industry" with the idea

that the atomic energy - which was used in a destructive way until these days - could be used peacefully

claiming that this would be possible without any danger -

with atomic plants producing current considering a certain "residual risk".

Well, these atomic plants allways had the same residual risk.

When too many persons are committing a fault at the same time, the atomic reaction will be out of control.

The reactor core is melting and an indefinite quantity of radioactivity is getting free

contaminating entire territories and millions of human beings damaging the genetic constitution

and deforming children, animals and plants.

Therefore atomic energy only functions when never some persons together commit any fault.

Add to this, atomic waste has to be tolerated.

The politicians - in the 1950s these were only men yet, and

most of them were smoking and drinking much alcohol and partly were absolutely incompetent -

these so called "politicians" thought that the idea of a "peaceful" use of atomic power would be brilliant,

making propaganda for it, and there was hardly any resistance.

Oil crisis in 1973 was another fact so many governments were accepting atomic power totally

with the "residual risk", for example France and Japan.

Demonstrations against atomic power were considered by the governments as antigovernmental,

for example in Gösgen in Switzerland.

And there was only one political party really reconsidering this problem of atomic energy

and searching alternative forms of energy. This was the political party "The Greens" in Germany,

and from 1983 on they were in the national parliament in Bonn

with Petra Kelly, Jürgen Trittin and Joschka Fischer.

But abroad this atomic problem was not at all taken earnest.

The arrogant upper class of the world was going on drinking whisky and wodka, was going on smoking

their cigaretts and listening to jazz in the night clubs having beautiful nights

with feminine and kinky forms of flesh -

and the responsibles for energy questions should be the technitians only.

This arrogance of world wide upper class also did not stop with the core melt accident in Chernobyl in 1983,

    because Chernobyl was in Urkaine and the main part of the affected people was in Bielorussia,
    where was no tourism at all. By this only the directly affected people in Eastern Europe and in Germany
    were hidden and sensibilized because radioactive rain was coming down, but also this only partly.

Other people thought it would be normal resigning to mushrooms for 300 years.

This was just the "residual risk" of atomic power, and above all this had been a Russian reactor type

and in the Western world would never happen this. In this way Western atomic lobby was affirming the public.

But other facts of the core melt accident of Chernobyl were hardly or not at all published:

-- because after perestroika Bielorussia was going on to be a dictatorship never introducing free traffic passing the borders

-- the people affected by atomic rain in Bielorussia stayed isolated

and they were discriminated by the media of the country

-- there was a calm dying process over decades in Bielorussia with many cancer diseases,

provoked by the radiation cloud and the radioactive rain of the core melt accident in Chernobyl

and all this was hardly or not at all taken earnest abroad

-- Moscow government with Breshnev even was executing

cloud manipulations with the radioactive clouds coming down from Chernobyl

manipulating them so the rain "came down" BEFORE Moscow, therefore the region of Moscow itself

was saved from radioactive rain and other regions before got it. But this was reported to the world only in 2011.

    Generally the Western atomic lobby was affirming with it's corrupt political friends and women friends allways again and again
    that Chernobyl was a Russian reactor type and this type was guilty
    and in the Western world never could happen any core melt accident,
    also considering that there almost had been one in Harrisburg.
    What said German Chancellor Helmuth Schmidt in the 1970s: "Without atomic power it will not go", original in German: "Ohne Atomkraft geht es nicht".

And also the university professors hardly ever gave alarm.

Only the political party "The Greens" ("Die Grünen") in Germany took really serious this atomic problem.

In Germany finally the "Greens" came to governmental power in 1998 and were executing

first alternative energy programs.

But in other countries the Greens had no chance for being in a government,

because the so called "democratic" systems were hindering them, and certain circles of right wing parties

as for example the criminal screamer and noisy ghost Franz Joseph Strauss in Germany

calumated the "Greens" allways again and again as "communists" saying:

"The Greens are like a tomato. First they are green, and then they are red."

These criminal calumnations of the right wing parties also were a big factor

that many governments did not take earnest the political party "The Greens"

or they had not the courage to take this party "The Greens" earnest.

    How do look like other electoral systems of other countries? Listen:
    -- "USA" have no proportional democracy - officially by the anxiaty of communists -
    and therefore the party "The Greens" will never be relevant there
    -- also England has no proportional democracy - officially by the anxiaty of communists -
    and therefore the party "The Greens" will never be relevant there either [i:ther]
    but nuclear reprocessing in Sellafield will go on
    -- in France and in Japan the Greens have no chance because these countries
    have converted into atomic states where the atomic industry is that powerful like a second government
    -- Switzerland has got a governmental system with 7 so called Federal Councillors, but these seats
    are distributed according to a so called rule of concordance
    and by this the Greens never were in the government until today
    -- and in many other countries there is no political party "The Greens" at all, that means
    the German Greens perhaps have concentrated their work too much in Germany only.
    But courage and honesty for an investigation of the waste in the world only can come from the political party "The Greens".

And then atomic power also got a new weapon development:

Criminal "USA" under ex alcoholic Bush was not only arranging new wars,

but they also used new types of bombs with atomic uranium material contaminating entire territories in Iraq since 2003

and now these territories are contaminated for 1 million years

and the genetic constitution of the population is damaged and now

mentally handicapped and deformed children are born, for example in Falludjah.

Criminal "USA" are not ready to investigate what they have committed in Falludjah,

but principally Iraq war with the applied uranium ammunition also is a core melt accident - for example in Falludjah.

Let's make a summary: First atomic energy was a bomb, then atomic plants,

and since Iraq war again other bombs with atomic material, uranium ammunition.

    Atomic plants are going on with the traditional danger of life:
    There is only NO damage when there are NOT some people committing a mistake together.
    And: Atomic waste has to be tolerated.

Well, there are more facts about atomic power which were concealed systematically. Listen:

-- already winning the uranium is contaminating complete territories converting them into

prohibited territories for hundreds of years

-- the so called "nuclear reprocessing" of fuel rods is also contaminating territories and waters

-- in the region of atomic plants there is a higher rate of leukemia [luki:mia], this is proved

-- a core melt accident converts a territory with a radius of 200 to 300 km in a prohibited zone

devaluating it for centuries

-- radioactive radiation clouds can get everywhere contaminating and devaluating neighboring regions

and radioactive rain can come down everywhere, above all in rainy zones like Europe

converting the zones in prohibited territories for centuries

-- the treatment of the genetic damages and of the cancer diseases

respectively the treatement of the mentally handicapped and deformed children costs billions -

and also the failing manpower

-- atomic waste with uranium will be actively radioactive for 1 million years and the deposits will cost another time billions

-- and more dangers are coming in earthquake zones and tsunami zones where

should be built not one single atomic plant because in the case of doubt they can be out of control.

By all this we have the conclusion that atomic plants

1. should not be built in earthquake zones

2. should not be built on the coast line, and

3. should not be built in rainy zones

keeping little the danger.

That means that atomic plants should be in earthquake free desert zones only.

And now comes the big end, because the real work only comes at the big end. Listen:

-- the controlled demolition of an atomic plant will last 24 or over 30 years, depending on the source

-- the damping of the fuel rods will last 5 years

-- the damping of a reactor core will last 50 years

10 - 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 years!

-- for example the controlled demolition of the atomic plant of Rheinsberg in Germany costs over 500 million Euro.

These are the data from a German article about the controlled demolition of the atomic plant of Rheinsberg

from Financial Times Germany online with the title

<The end of an atomic plant: nuclear technitians having melancholy> from 19 May 2011

orig. in German: <Ende eines AKWs: Wenn Kerntechniker wehmütig werden>.

In Swiss online media for example, I never found such an article.

And now comes the truth of the costs: When all factors - with a core melt accident inclusive - are considered

atomic power should cost 10 times as much as today for accumulating the reserves for the controlled demolition,

for the deposit of the atomic waste, and eventually also for the compensations for a core melt accident case.

This indicated an article of German n-tv from 11 May 2011 with the title

"Responsibility for the case of the cases: Principally atomic power is unpayable".

orig. in German: "Haftung für den Fall der Fälle: Kernkraft eigentlich unbezahlbar".

Well, in 2011 came the answer for the arrogance of smoking and drinking and fucking upper classes:

Japan was that corrupt that the atomic enterprize principally also was the government.

Principally the government consisted in Tepco and Toyota.

And this Japan all in all is one of the worst earthquake zones world wide.

    In some regions of Japan pupils are even forced having a helmet with them when they are going to school
    as a prevention measure for the case of a sudden volcanic eruption.

But they even constructed some atomic plants on the coast line

thinking that a tsunami would not be higher than 10 meters of height, but just Japanese historians could

prove the contrary: all 40 years comes a tsunami in Japan with over 10 meters of height, and some Japanese mayors

even had constructed high protection walls - but not for the protection of the atomic plants.

And precisely there in Japan, destiny was striking in 2011 with an uncredible earthquake

in combination with a tsunami of 14 meters, and one of the many atomic plants on the coast

was hidden then, in this case it was Fukushima 1.

Today we have a second Chernobyl there, with burnt reactors, prohibited zones,

radioactive fruits and vegetables, radiactively contaminated sea

with radioactively contaminated fish and shrimps etc. etc.,

and the future does not look better.

And also in this region of Fukushima will be the slow dying process as in the region of Chernobyl,

above all there will be cancer, heart failure and deformations.

And only now, when a core melt accident had happened also in the Western world,

the problem was taken really serious in the media:

the "residual risk" was not any more a "residual risk", but the risk was VERY HIGH.

Therefore the word of "residual risk" is a BIG LIE. Generally the conclusion is this one:


Where the political party "The Greens" exists they have more voters now,

for example in Germany and in Switzerland. Stupid right wing propaganda against "Green"

has no chance at all any more. Add to this, Italy had great news in this case

because Berlusconi government resigned to a comeback of programs for atomic plants. CONGRATULATIONS.

But other states which even have no political party "The Greens" until today

are going on with their atomic programs with the high risk of the atomic plants. These are

"USA", China, South Corea, Russia, France, Spain, Argentina and so on and so on.

Certain countries even mean that they really should have their first atomic plant.

These governments have not realized yet that atomic energy IS A TRAP.

Leaving this atomic trap, some measures are needed

which have been partly realized in Germany already:

-- courage is needed presenting the truth about the cost of atomic power

with the controlled demolition included, which lasts as long as the production of the current

-- courage is needed to open the mind for renewable energies, these are

solar energy, wind energy, geothermics (this is terrestrial heat) etc.

-- courage is needed for the installation of new subjects in the universities with the renewable energies

-- and courage is needed for more science and further education.

For 50 years - imagine! - there was no science in alternative energies by the simple claim

that solar energy would "not be profitable".

    Until today I hear my geography teacher claiming in the late 1970s: "With solar energy it will not work."

Well: Who is not searching - will not find anything.

    Now at the end of the lecture, I will repeat once more the facts of the controlled demolition
    of the atomic plant of Rheinsberg in Germany from the news from Financial Times Germany online with the title
    <The end of an atomic plant: nuclear technitians having melancholy> from 19 May 2011
    orig. in German: <Ende eines AKWs: Wenn Kerntechniker wehmütig werden>:
    -- the controlled demolition of the atomic plant of Rheinsberg in Germany lasts 24 or over 30 years, depending on the source
    -- the damping of the fuel rods lasts 5 years
    -- the damping of the reactor core lasts 50 years
    10 - 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 years
    -- the controlled demolition of the atomic plant of Rheinsberg in Germany costs over 500 million Euro
    and this was not at all a special atomic plant
    -- the costs for the deposit of the atomic waste are indefinite, and until today
    there are missing deposits because nobody wants these definite deposits for atomic waste
    -- the costs for the loss of territories in the case of a core melt accident are indefinite.

According the news of German n-tv of 11 May 2011 with the news "Atomic power principally unpayable"

orig. in German: "Atomkraft eigentlich unbezahlbar"

atomic power should cost 10 times the price covering all risks with a core melt accident inclusive.

That means that atomic power principally is the MOST EXPENSIVE EXISTING FORM OF ENERGY.

When the goverments of the world will realize these data presented here

respectively when the governments of the world will realize the truth of costs,

then they will look for other forms of energy at last which partly are working in Germany already.

Further education and courage are wanted. In Germany an energy guide is published already

with the title "Germany Detecting Renewable Energies"

orig. in German: "Deutschland Erneuerbare Energien entdecken"

where are listed and described all sites of alternative energies which exist already in Germany.

Also this article only came in German online media, this time in Spiegel online on 13 May 2011.

    In Swiss mostly monopolized online media this article could not be found anywhere.

Thank you for your attention.





Michael Palomino www.geschichteinchronologie.ch (since 2014 www.hist-chron.com)

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