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¡Never vaccination! - but ¡eat blood group nutrition!

by Michael Palomino, Feb. 24, 2019

Mostly the vaccinated get sick

The indications about vaccinations of Dr. D'Adamo are not presented, because:

The natural immune system is very strong when blood group nutrition is respected and NO almost no vaccination is needed. Diseases develop because of inadequate hygiene.

Children's illnesses heal well or pass in a light degree
-- when the child is taking blood group nutrition
-- when the child is accompanied by homeopathy.

Vaccinations were invented to make people sicker, not healthier. Statistics and studies are all paid by the pharma and are wrong. REAL statistics show clearly: mostly the VACCINATED get sick.

Only two vaccines - diphtheria and whooping cough - seem to have a certain success rate.

Basic rule with 6 weeks no illness before a vaccination: Before giving a vaccine there must not be any illness like influencia in the family charging the immune system. When blood group nutrition is well performed in a family there will hardly be any illness.

Vaccine damages cure with soda (note sodium bicarbonate short)
Vaccine damages are among others allergies, asthma, autism, etc. Epilepsy is also suspected. These vaccine damages are curable with sodium bicarbonate (see the sodium bicarbonate index) in 10 to 12 days - success rate 90%. Take 1 tablespoon of soda with sugar molasses in 1 glass of water sober and 2 hours after the last meal. The pH value increases, the oxygen in the blood rises, and this oxygen in the blood now heals organs, glands and nerves, all at the same time. The remaining 10%, which do not tolerate soda (headache, bloated stomach, diarrea etc.) heal with blood group nutrition and raw food, or perhaps with noni.

Michael Palomino, Feb 24, 2019

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