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Age according to blood groups

Blood group nutrition is decisive for health in the age

Table tennis
            with 70 years - with blood group nutrition principally
            everybody could do it eigentlich jeder
Table tennis with 70 years - with blood group nutrition principally everybody could do it

by Michael Palomino (2006 / translation 2012)

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-- Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo / Catherine Whitney: 4 Blutgruppen. Vier Strategien für ein gesundes Leben. Mit Rezeptteil (Piper 2001) (orig. English: 4 Blood Types, 4 Programs. Live Right 4 Your Type)
-- Peter D'Adamo: 4 Blutgruppen - richtig leben. Das individuelle Konzept für körperliches und seelisches Wohlbefinden (Piper 2002) (orig. English: 4 Blood Types, 4 Diets. Eat Right 4 Your Type)

People are aging in different kinds and are dying by different reasons. According to Dr. D'Adamo the blood group members are aging in different ways and also dying in different ways (4 Strategien, p.280).

Hormone production is also a factor how aging is going on
Lectins in kidneys and in the brain have an effect on the glands, positively or negatively. They delay ore accelerate the aging process (4 Strategien, p.282).

Adaption of vitamins is reduced in the old age
Capacity for adaption of fat-soluble vitamins is reduced in the old age. With blood group A for example little dosages of vitamin A have an effect on it's immune system against the aging process (10,000 I.U. ["international units"] per day) (4 Strategien, p.143).

Adaption of nutrients in the age is reduced when gastro-intestinal system is damaged
When there were taken the wrong lectins during decades, so there will be a general shortage of nutrients in the age because stomach and intestine are very damaged in the age then so they cannot adapt many good nutrients any more (4 Strategien, p.282).

Kidney function is reduced generally in the age
According to the investigations of Dr. D'Adamo kidney function is reduced in the age, can even be that there is only 25% of kidney function. And by this less blood is cleaned (4 Strategien, p.281).

Kidney failure [with blood group 0, B, and AB]: Unprocessed wheat lectins blocking kidney function - kidney damage - kidney failure
When the wrong lectins are taken [taken by humans of blood group 0, B, and AB] the blood is agglutinating, and then kidney function is damaged and the blood cannot be cleaned well any more:

"Lectins which [are not processes in the stomach and] which enter blood circulation, they are agglutinating at the end forming a deposit in the kidney. This is like in a blocked water tube: Step by step the filter system is loosing it's effectiveness. The more agglutination the less blood can be cleaned. It's a slow but at the end deadly process. Kidney failure is one of the main reasons for bodily decomposition during the age." (4 Strategien, p.281)
(original German:
"Lectine, die [im Magen nicht verarbeitet werden und] ihren Weg in den Blutkreislauf finden, klumpen schliesslich zusammen und setzen sich in den Nieren ab. Das ist so ähnlich wie bei einem verstopften Abflussrohr. Nach und nach verliert das Filtersystem seine Wirksamkeit. Je stärker die Agglutination wird, desto weniger Blut kann gereinigt werden. Es ist ein langsamer, aber letztlich tödlicher Prozess. Das Nierenversagen gehört zu den Hauptursachen des körperlichen Verfalls im Alter." (4 Strategien, S.281)

Declining brain function by the wrong food

Damaging lectins are agglutinating the brain (4 Strategien, p.281). That's why in old brains "many elements of nerves are like balls together" (4 Strategien, p.281-282):

-- some [not processed] lectins are so little that they pass blood-brain barrier

-- in the brain "they begin to glue the blood cells together and step by step the activity of the nerve cells is affected. This process is going on over some decades, but at the end the nerve cells are like balls and brain function is affected." (4 Strategien, p.282)
(orig. German:
-- im Gehirn "fangen sie an, die Blutzellen zusammenzukleben und beeinträchtigen allmählich die Aktivität der Nervenzellen. Der Prozess vollzieht sich über mehrere Jahrzehnte, aber schliesslich sind die Nervenzellen so ineinander verwickelt, dass die Hirnfunktion beeinträchtigt wird." (4 Strategien, S.282)

In this way dementia is developing and a general decomposition is the result. Eventually this could be also a factor for Alzheimer (4 Strategien, p.282).

Therefore the prevention for the kidneys and against kidney failure and against dementia is relatively simple: One only has to eliminate the food with the damaging lectins according to the blood group and should integrate and eat the positive food according to the blood group (4 Strategien, p.282).

Wrong alimentation with too many polyamines is intoxicating the body provoking a fast aging

And there fore the detoxification of the body with a blood group nutrition is the best prevention against aging (richtig leben, p.174).

Inhibit polyamines

Damaging food with damaging polyamines (concerns all blood groups)

Polyamines are the connections in the intestine. Certain food contains many polyamines. When such food is eaten, metabolism is getting into a damaging imbalance (richtig leben, p.164-167).

Polyamines are "typically"
-- in cheese, in beer, in choucroute, in yeast extracts (richtig leben, p.167),
-- wine, beer and choucroute are fermented food (richtig leben, p.170)
-- and polyamines are "typically" in food processed with a shock event, so in canned food or in fried products (flash freezing)
-- and most of "mellow" or "spicy" cheeses have a high content of putrescine (richtig leben, p.167).

Too much polyamines: Polyamines are produced with extreme methods of processing as e.g. flash freezing of fruits or vegetables (richtig leben, p.167).

Too less polyamines: When polyamines are missing in vegetable food, the body is producing them himself as a reaction to food lectins (richtig leben, p.167).

A high content of of putrescine have
-- frozen vegetables
-- canned vegetables
-- certain fruits like oranges and mandarins
-- fermented soya sauce with wheat
-- prawn, "especially when they are in packages and deep-frozen" (richtig leben, p.167).

A high content of spermine have
-- mellow cheeses
-- fermented soya beans
-- fermented tees [black tee, not green tee]
-- Japanese rice wine
-- cultivated mushrooms
-- potatoes [boiled potatoes]
-- fresh bread (richtig leben, p.168).

A high content of spermine have also
-- breakfast cereals (cerealia)
-- canned vegetables
-- deep-frozen vegetables
-- meat products
-- raw meat
-- poultry (richtig leben, p.168).

Balancing food lowering the polyamine levels (concerning all blood groups)

Food reducing polyamine levels in the body are neutral for all blood groups or even positive (richtig leben, p.172):

-- Larch arabinogalacton (Larch AG, ARA-6): is supporting the balance in the intestine system, and at the same time is lowering the content of final products produced by the reduction of proteins for example by ammoniac

-- walnuts: are inhibiting orotidyl acid decarboxylasis (ODC) and is reducing therefore polyamine content

-- green tee: is inhibiting orotidyl acid decarboxylasis (ODC) and reducing also therefore
polyamine content

-- fruits with dark blue, purple or red color (for example elder, cherries, blueberries): they contain anthocyanidins: These are antioxidants inhibiting

orotidyl acid decarboxylasis (ODC) and therefore are reducing the content of polyamines (richtig leben, p.173)

-- onion, dill, tarragon, broccoli, garlic: "They have a light antibacterial effect against many charges which produce polyamines" (richtig leben, p.173)
(orig. German:
"Sie wirken leicht antibakteriell gegen viele der polyaminproduzierenden Belastungen" (richtig leben, S.173),
and at the same time these vegetables also are inhibiting ODC slightly (richtig leben, p.174)

-- curcumin and curcuma: have a "strong inhibiting effect to synthesis of polyamines" (richtig leben, p.174)
(orig. German:
Wirkt "stark hemmend auf die Polyaminsynthese" (richtig leben, S.174).

Balancing food lowering the level of polyamines (according to the blood group)

-- pomegranate: is inhibiting orotidyl acid decarboxylasis (ODC) and is reducing the level of polyamines. But: for blood groups B and AB pomegranate is damaging (richtig leben, p.173)

guava: is inhibiting orotidyl acid decarboxylasis (ODC) and is reducing the level of polyamines (richtig leben, p.173). But: For blood group AB it's damaging (4 Strategien, p.194)

-- plantain: is inhibiting orotidyl acid decarboxylasis (ODC) and is reducing the level of polyamines. But: For blood group 0 and A plantain is damaging (richtig leben, p.173).

And in this way life will be also possible during the age without any doctor.

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Photo sources

-- table tennis with 70 years: http://www.ttc-burrweiler.de/