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Coronavirus19 5m: "Corona vaccination" and healings 05:

Discharge+healing blood with zeolite 01

Zeolith ist ein Vulkanpulver


presented by Michael Palomino

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E-mail to Balatonfüred (Hungary) Sep 7, 2022: HALLLOOOO! For Balatonfüred: DISCHARGE the "Corona vaccination": with ZEOLITE:
HALLLOOOO! Für Balatonfüred: "Coronaimpfung" AUSLEITEN: mit ZEOLITH
by Michael Palomino, Sep.7, 2022

Hello Balatonfüred, hello Balaton24,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

from a Facebook chat (the group is called "Important" - "Wichtiges") I was told that in the heart clinic of Balatonfüred 90% of the doctors have the "corona vaccination" and only an emergency is running because many doctors are sick now.

from a Facebook chat (the group
                              is called "Important" -
                              "Wichtiges") I was told that in
                              the heart clinic of Balatonfüred 90% of
                              the doctors have the "corona
                              vaccination" and only an emergency is
                              running because many doctors are sick

So this "corona vaccination" is a step by step death injection, so that not all will die at once, and so that the stock exchange prices of the criminal Pharma are rising thereby always further.

Discharge of the "corona vaccination": Zeolite
But you can get parts of the vaccination out, e.g. with CDL or with zeolite and other things. It is possible to get metals out, toxins out, and normalize the blood.

Zeolite is a volcanic powder that is not expensive,
Zeolith ist ein Vulkanpulver

and even small amounts are enough to achieve a healing effect: Metals and toxins are eliminated PLUS the blood is restored: Anemia heals (red blood cells come new) and the immune system is strengthened (white blood cells come new).

Here is my zeolite fact sheet - link: http://www.med-etc.com/med/merk/merkblatt-heilwirkung-zeolith-ENGL-healing-w-zeolite.html  
zeolite fact sheet

My experience with zeolite
I myself have had shedding, this is the effect of vaccinated people on me (UNvaccinated): In 4 days has cured: edema on arms+legs, tingling on arms+legs, joint stitches everywhere sometimes here sometimes there. I ordered the zeolite from Kopp Edition (Kopp-Verlag) in Stuttgart, the package took 7 days (probably because of customs), and then the healing took only 4 days, so the healing was faster than the package.

Order volcanic zeolite powder
Zeolite can be ordered cheaply on the Internet from Kopp-Verlag near Stuttgart, Germany
or from the Rainbow Circle (Regenbogenkreis) in Lübeck, Germany

You have to do it quickly, you never know when the government idiots in Germany turn off the power. Maybe natural pharmacies in Hungary also have got zeolite, which costs about the same, I don't know. It should be natural zeolite, in cientific language it is then called "clinoptilolite".

Another experience with zeolite
Another person in Basel where I live (a middle class business in the paint trade in Basel) is very happy with zeolite and she looks much fresher now and has to go 2x times to the toilet instead of only 1 time like before, it is discharging like crazy.

The intake
Take 1 gram of zeolite (1 spoon tip) in 1/2 liter of water, drink it on a sober stomach in the morning, [wait 30 minutes], do this for 1 week, besides this always drink a lot during the whole day, because the zeolite really absorbs a lot and there is always the danger of constipation.

Constipation? is solved for example by eating soaked oat grains or eating only fruits and vegetables - and drinking a lot.

Spread the word, make a flyer
Please tell the staff of the heart clinic and the whole city to save the sick people. Also the UNvaccinated should take zeolite for 4 days against shedding and in general for health, it's a genious powder.

I myself am with Mother Earth since 2017, there are still many tricks on the website: http://www.med-etc.com/index-ENGL.html  

Mother Earth helps in this case with volcanic powder with ionic reaction.

Kind regards
Michael Palomino
History - sociology - natural medicine

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