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Coronavirus19 13rx20: WIDERSTAND: Instruktionen gegen SCHLANGENGIFT

17.5.2020: Die Mossad-Regierung Merkel ist von Bill Gates und Melinda Gates DIREKT GESTEUERT - durch eine "Absichtserklärung" vom Feb. 2017 - Link
17.5.2020: Die Mossad-Regierung in der Schweiz ist von Bill Gates und Meldinda Gates DIREKT GESTEUERT - durch eine "Absichtserklärung" vom 22.1.2014 - Link

Jacke mit gedrucktem Text NIE IMPFEN

-- Liste der Heilmethoden gegen Corona19 (medizinische Lebensmittel, Weihrauch, Plasma, falsche Heilmittel, nie impfen, Orte der Ansteckungen etc. -  Liste Link)
-- Beste Prävention oder Heilmittel gegen eine Grippe ist medizinische Ernährung+Blutgruppenernährung+früh schlafengehen+Natron mit Apfelessig (Link)
-- Vorerkrankungen heilen meist mit Natron weg (
Merkblatt Natron


präsentiert von Michael Palomino
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3-3-2022: Instrucción en español: curar el veneno de serpiente en las "vacunas de Corona"
hago medicina natural desde 2003. La vacuna de Corona es una vacuna de VENENO DE SERPIENTE, eso dice la última ciencia de Dr. Ardis con comparaciones en abril 2022, mi comparación y el periodista investigativo Oliver Janich en Alemania. Y hay reportes de Aletheia (organización de medicina en Suiza) que remedios contra veneno de serpiente curan. La comparación está aquí:

Y las noticias sobre veneno de serpiente en las vacunas están aquí:

La curación es simple: se toma anti-venenos resp. remedios contra veneno de serpiente.
-- Lachesis C30, Vipera berus C30, o Vipera aspic C30, por 1 mes 3 bolitas por día 1 en la mañana, 1 mediodía, 1 en la noche.
-- Tb. un médico normal te dará un remedio de anticuerpo contra veneno de serpiente.
-- Tb. se puede hacer dialisis 3 o 4x para botar toda la basura de la vacunación.
-- Tb. acupuntura ayuda bastante.
-- Y la alimentación del grupo sanguíneo ayuda tb. bastante: http://www.med-etc.com/med/heilung-o-medi/DrDAdamo-indice-ESP.html
Siempre puedes preguntar.
Mi página es www.med-etc.com versión en español: http://www.med-etc.com/index-ESP.html


June 4, 2022: Instruction: Corona vaccination = SNAKE VENOM - can be HEALED!
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I make history since 1992, and sociology and natural medicine since 2003. My name is Michael Palomino at the moment from Basel (Switzerland). I am following the "Corona disaster" very precizely. Corona vaccine has come out in April 2022 as a SNAKE VENOM jab, this is indicating the last science of Dr. Ardis with comparisons in April 2022,
Dr. Ardis part 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/yqeK4RFZ9X1M/
Dr. Ardis part 2: https://www.bitchute.com/video/QTnqWEvDPNjC/
Dr. Ardis part 3: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Sn2gKQc2Ojh1/

I also made the comparisons with 5 toxic snakes - and I came to the conclusion: Dr. Ardis is right. And on April 27, 2022, investigative journalist from German - Oliver Janich - was presenting even snake venom elements in the PATENTS OF THE CORONA VACCINES. And there are reports from Aletheia (medical organization in Switzerland) that the remedies against snake venom are helaing.
Here is my comparison with toxic snake venom = Corona vaccination:

And here is the news about snake venom in the Corona vaccinations with news about Dr. Ardis:

-- See here the report by Oliver Janich in detail where the patents of the Corona vaccinations are indicating details from snake venom as ingredients:

-- See here the article of Mrs. Dr. Love about lie and truth with snake venoms in Corona vaccines:

Of course the Rothschild media are not reporting this because they are only thinking about selling and stock exchange rates. And: Rothschild's NATO is ORGANIZING always new snake venom mixtures and other mixtures in their bio labs for
population reduction of Bill Gates, Soros, Rothschild and Schwab.

Healing vaxxed people: with antivenom!
The healing of vaxxed people is simple: first you have to control the blood under a microscope (1 drop of your blood is enough) if your blood is healthy or not - and then heal the destroyed blood which is destroyed like after a toxic snake bite:
-- Lachesis C30, Vipera berus C30, or Vipera aspic C30, take 3 globuli per day during 1 month, 1 globule in the morning, 1 at midday, 1 in the evening
-- ALSO: a normal medical doctor will give you a remedy against snake bites: anti body medicament against snake venom (infusion)
-- ALSO: you can make a dialysis 3 or 4 times so all the shit of the Corona vaccination comes out
-- ALSO: acupuncture is also helping.
-- ALSO: blood group nutrition is also helping fine: http://www.med-etc.com/med/heilung-o-medi/DrDAdamo-index-ENGL.html
-- ALSO: you can make a blood transfusion with NOT vaccinated blood, but organize well the NOT vaccinated blood from family members.

You have to see: all this Corona vaccination action is an INTOXICATION + MASS MURDER ACTION and with these proofs you can make a lawsuit against CDC, Pfizer, Moderna, FDA, and against your Government which is only a corrupt "leader" puppet group of Bill Gates (Rockefeller), Soros (Jew), Rothschild (Jews with Mossad), and Schwab (German Nazi with the WEF).

In April 2022, excess mortality rate in the "US" for example was at 84%, and is expected to be 5000% at the end of 2022. Lawyer Todd Callender from Colorado told it: Video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/6ivaVw8YxkKT/
The problem is, I cannot find any e-mail of Todd Callender! Tell him about the snake venom! Make action! Heal with antivenom and make action with law suit!

-- Here is my English Coronavirus index: http://www.med-etc.com/med/coronavirus/coronavirus-ENGL-index.html
-- Here is my sociology-medicine web site English version: http://www.med-etc.com/index-ENGL.html

Send this message to all kind of governments, hospitals, clinics, police stations, companies, law firms, trade unions, school systems, parents, kindergardens, fire brigades, unemployed, ministries, farmers, transportation companies, food companies, shopping center head offices, banks, stock exchange, prisons, etc. just EVERYWHERE! Vaxxed people has to control it's blood under a microscope, and then take antivenom remedies against snake venom - and dialysis - and take metals out with algae - and make blood group nutrition.

This vaccination orgy is more than only a stock exchange party! It's a mouse trap!

You are always welcome for questioning: michael.palomino@yandex.com
Kind regards,
Michael Palomino
History - sociology - natural medicine

Facebook for chat: https://www.facebook.com/michael.palominoale

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